Community, Ritual, and Conscious Dreaming

Rock Maze

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Conscious dreaming is a practice of using the dreaming realms to expand, enrich and enliven one’s current waking existence. It recognizes that waking and dreaming are two sides of the same coin and thus moves to integrate the two, knowing them as a whole. Conscious dreaming sees dreams not only as messengers but as a limitless field of potential, a reality in its own right, and a blueprint for manifestation. 


It is an all-encompassing term that relates to the practice of using intentional dreaming, dream analysis, and including (but not limited to) lucid dreaming. These dreamwork tools are used as a means of deepening one’s relationship with self and with all of life. 


A conscious dreaming practice is an adventure in reclaiming one's power of creation! Each night holds the possibility for healing, learning, connection, and deep self-exploration. Allow your dreams to be your guide in remembering wholeness as you step into the power of your dreaming self.


A Creation Story

Hello beautiful friends! My name is Giuliana and welcome to the Honey Hive, my heart creation for you. The Honey Hive is a co-creative community birthed in part by you, me, and Spirit.  It has answered a call that I was needing in my own life. After many years of darkness I had a spiritual awakening that brought me to my knees. It all started from a dream. In this dream I touched a truth far beyond that which I had ever previously known. I awoke feeling as if I had tasted a secret so sweet, so ripe, so juicy, that my very cells immediately changed in response. I was in utter bliss, and yet I never felt more alone.


Dreams are the currents of the soul,
urging us into Being.

The Honey Hive