A Creation Story

Hello beautiful friends! My name is Giuliana and welcome to the Honey Hive, my heart creation for you. The Honey Hive is a co-creative community birthed in part by you, me, and Spirit.  It has answered a call that I was needing in my own life. 


It all started from a dream where I was touched by a Truth far beyond that which I had ever previously known. I awoke feeling as if I had tasted a secret so sweet, so ripe, so juicy, that my very cells changed immediately in response. I was in utter bliss, and yet I never felt more alone. I needed desperately for someone to have lived my experience, to understand what I felt. And so my external search began.


In truth, I had no idea where to search. Where does a self-proclaimed atheist go when touched by the light of God? And so many moons went by, my dreaming practice expanded, and many more spiritual awakenings born through my darkness came. It wasn’t until I received a profound vision from Spirit that my course changed. I was to create the community that I was so desperately craving. And so came the bees, and with them The Honey Hive.


As I continue on my journey of unfolding, so too will the Honey Hive bloom and grow. It is comprised of you and me and any other person who feels called to share and dance in the light of Spirit, and the depth of our shadows. Dreaming is often a paradox, and so here you will find the wholeness of being accepted. Whether you are questioning or committed, I am here to serve as a loving guide. May you find the Honey Hive a safe and joyful community where you may surrender to your inner healer, reclaim your inner dreamer and dance with the passion and play of life.

All my love,