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A dream weave is the process of making two parts whole. We take the dream and weave its threads, its wisdom, into our waking lives. And from our waking lives, we pull our understanding, our learning, our questions, back into the deep recesses of our dreams. It is a conscious practice of movement between worlds, a sacred dance of learning and unlearning.

For 4 weeks we will explore creative manifestation through a conscious dreaming practice.


guided meditation

rituals to activate dreaming

 practices to promote restful sleep

deepening a practice to self, inner-authority and intuition

community container for shared dreams

creating a sustainable dream practice

guided dreamwork and self-inquiry

honoring the cycles of the moon

“Dream circle teaches us to live from inside out, from essence to matter, from truth to form." Connie Kaplan


The Couple
A Dream by Sam Aotaki

The dream started showing me that all True Romantic Love buds from Unconditional Romantic Love as the base level. A couple must be best friends at the end of the day rather than lovers. Relationships based in Conditional Love is a perverse version of True Romantic Love.

There seemed to be a fine line between hard and soft boundaries and that's a key when it comes to Sacred Love, which is what they refer to as Unconditional Romantic Love. The hard boundaries we create around Romantic Love (like not tolerating cheating, dishonesty, or physical abuse) are in essence completely unfathomable when the relationship is based in Unconditional Love, which is why in Unconditional Relationships the hard boundaries are almost assumed; i.e., they can be talked about, but there is no worry there. Soft boundaries are healthier for Unconditional Relationships because it adds an air of curiosity about the boundary itself, rather than hard rules that cannot be discussed.


A Conscious Dreaming Community Container


DREAM INTENTION: How Can I Channel Unconditional Love in Its Purest Form?

By Larissa Irankunda

I had a difficult time choosing a specific dream to discuss in this piece. 

All of the dreams I’ve been having over the past six months have been incredibly vivid, intricate, and labyrinthine in their manifestation—each worthy of its own novel! How could I possibly choose just one to focus on? It seemed an impossible task. 

But then, after some reflection, I realized I was asking myself the wrong question. It wasn’t so much about choosing a single dream to interpret—but rather, uncovering what theme (or themes!) have been showing up consistently in my dream space. And if there is one thing that’s been certain in my dreaming, it’s that they’ve been speaking the same message to me—in vastly different languages.


Blessed is too weak a word to describe how I feel to have participated in the Dream Weave: Love and Dream Weave: Creativity container led by the lovely Giuliana. Before I entered into a conscious dreaming practice, I had no idea of the interconnectedness that existed in our shared waking psyche and our dreamscape. Furthermore, I don’t believe in coincidences, so when I engaged with the members of each dreaming weave, it became evident from the get-go that it was pure synchronicity that brought each of us together.