Blessed is too weak a word to describe how I feel to have participated in the Dream Weave: Love and Dream Weave: Creativity container led by the lovely Giuliana. Before I entered into a conscious dreaming practice, I had no idea of the interconnectedness that existed in our shared waking psyche and our dreamscape.


Furthermore, I don’t believe in coincidences, so when I engaged with the members of each dreaming weave, it became evident from the get-go that it was pure synchronicity that brought each of us together. 

The collective reality we all experience on a day to day deeply influence what we perceive in our subconscious once it’s time to sleep, or enter altered states of consciousness. I knew already that collective cultural and generational trauma is felt on a molecular soul level, which can manifest in the most subtle and unassuming ways in our lives—whether it’s learned behaviors, personalities, or public expectations—but I never could have imagined the way in which our shared traumas (and in the same note, shared blessings and wisdom) could be experienced within the dream realm. 

There was a night where I dreamt of a New Orleans-esque Mardi Gras party, where my dream self locked eyes with this person adorned in the most beautiful and striking blue mask, covered in dazzling patterns and emanating a wisdom that felt familiar. Two weeks later, in our dream weave circle, Kacki (one of the participants) felt compelled to share with us her sacred spiritual mask: as she uncovered it, I saw the mask I had gazed upon in a dream only a few weeks prior: beautifully striking and blue, covered and adorned in dazzling patterns. 

Calling this container a dream weave is no accident—truly, the threads of fate that bind us and our past/current/future lives together are intricate and intentional, creating the most beautiful and potent weave, reminiscent of a spider’s web. Subtle, almost invisible, but still there, guiding us back to each other, back to the truth of Universal Oneness, and—ultimately—back to ourselves.

-Larissa Irankunda