• Larissa Irankunda

Dream Intention: How Can I Channel Unconditional Love in Its Purest Form?

I had a difficult time choosing a specific dream to discuss in this piece.

All of the dreams I’ve been having over the past six months have been incredibly vivid, intricate, and labyrinthine in their manifestation—each worthy of its own novel! How could I possibly choose just one to focus on? It seemed an impossible task.

But then, after some reflection, I realized I was asking myself the wrong question. It wasn’t so much about choosing a single dream to interpret—but rather, uncovering what theme (or themes!) have been showing up consistently in my dream space. And if there is one thing that’s been certain in my dreaming, it’s that they’ve been speaking the same message to me—in vastly different languages.

One of my favorite dreams involved a grand, mystical Mardi-Gras inspired block party: people adorned in beautiful dresses and sharp suits, eyes covered by gloriously designed masquerade masks. Magic drifted in the air, dancing languidly across the senses as easily as the scent of cinnamon that drifted from my dreamscape’s version of a crepe bar.

The next dream I had involved a bathhouse: a shapeshifting behemoth reminiscent of a Hayao Miyazaki movie, full of dizzying hallways, and ever-changing rooms. The adults who tended to this bathhouse craved children—young, innocent, and naïve. And the way in which they drew these children near was through disguises: shapeshifting into each child’s most beloved thing in order to lure them into their traps. Hiding the malicious truth always, underneath a pleasant façade. Quelling the dark magic in their veins with a wan smile.

The next dream: a magnetic heist, full of feisty young adults who would fit right in with a Blade Runner film. My lover in this dream appeared as a stone-faced Korean man, but energetically I sensed he was hiding his true identity just underneath the surface. The plot of the dream? Smuggling magical objects in disguise, doing dirty deeds under the public’s nose. Magic pulsing underneath the surface. Disguises galore. And always—always—hiding the truth of ourselves and our true power in plain sight.

And so, what do all these dreams have in common then? Disguises, Masks, Magic, Power. The truth—deep, primordial, effervescent—hiding in plain sight.

But what does this have to do with unconditional love? I asked myself. It seemed very disconnected between the decidedly adventurous dreams I was having. But then again—was it?

The world in which we’ve been conditioned to live in has a very unusual interpretation of love. It encourages the use of disguises, deceptions, glamours, and denial to prevent many from ever experiencing true Unconditional Love in its rawest form.

We’ve been taught to create an unhealthy container for Love—one that is restrictive, toxic, and unhealthy for everyone involved, leaving no room for personal growth or evolution on a deeply soulful level.

We’ve been taught to cut ourselves off from the truth of Love, denying what’s right under our nose in favor of a façade, an untruth, and a blatant illusion that masquerades itself as Love.

And in the deeply chaotic year that is 2020, the collective has been forced to confront all its previously repressed trauma and wounds—and rather than doing the uncomfortable work of healing in order to leave space for growth, a majority have taken steps in the wrong direction, choosing to reject instead of accept. Create false barriers against one another and against the very notion of Love—embracing instead a lie of separation and misery.

But the truth is that Love requires vulnerability, and Oneness within the self, and the collective. We are all pieces of the same mosaic, so it is silly to believe that we completely separate things worthy only of distrust and disgust. It is also important to note that Unconditional Love does not have one face. It shapeshifts, and presents itself in many vibrant iterations. Society has conditioned us to only look for—and therefore accept—one assumption of Love, which has created a cage that leaves no room for malleability, and certainly no vehicle for Love to channel itself through.

Why do we cling so deeply to these masks and disguises? Why have we blinded ourselves to true Unconditional Love? And why—even as obvious as it is—do we insist on the nonexistence of Magic, when Unconditional Love in itself is the most potent Magic of all?

I personally believe that these themes are lessons that the collective is being asked to overcome, in order to shed our old pains (and furthermore, shed our old untrue facades) to make room for true transformation and metamorphosis to occur.

So, let’s open our eyes. See past the masks—those that are blatant and those more subtle—and uncover the vulnerability that has been waiting to be unleashed. Release the facades, unsheathe the glamours, and discover whether or not the truths we’ve been seeking have been under our noses this entire time.

Larissa Irankunda

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