• Giuliana Davar

Dream Re-Entry and the Creative Imagination

Okay. So you know this feeling. You’re in a dream and suddenly it ends. You wake up feeling as if some part of it is unfinished, or perhaps you didn’t receive the whole message. Maybe even waking up disgruntled and annoyed with the outcome of your nightly adventures. I know this feeling too often and for me this is where an active dreaming practice comes in handy! At any point you have the opportunity to “re-dream” a dream. All it takes is a little creativity and an open imagination.

There are many reasons why you may choose to reenter a dream and here are just a few:

・Explore hidden rooms and greater realities ・Gain deeper insight or clarify any messages ・Change the outcome of any situation ・Relieve stress, tension or dream conflict ・Seek guidance from dream characters or parts of self ・Creatively explore new opportunities ・Call in healing to the body, mind, or spirit ・Re-dream from the perspective of another character ・Continue an adventure that was cut short ・Practice that water and fire bending that you just can’t quite get right!

You may have heard of this technique before, “Active Imagination” or “Dream Re-entry.” It’s actually quite simple and can help shift the energy of any dream. Plus, you don’t have to be lucid or sleeping to engage in this practice! And it usually only takes only 10-15 minutes. Here’s how it begins:

1) Pick a dream.

For this practice you can choose any dream that you would like to work with. For me I usually work with a dream that leaves me with an icky residue, something I can’t quite shake, or a dream that feels unfinished. Feel free to call forward any dream adventure! And it doesn’t matter how old the dream is either.

2) Relax.

Find a relaxing place, either laying down or in a seated meditative place. Allow yourself to become fully present in the body, using breath to assist you. You may wish to give yourself a minute or two here. Make the relaxation process enjoyable.

3) Visualize.

Call to mind your dream. Begin to vividly imagine the scene before you. I like to start with the ground and begin to rebuild the dream allowing it to come alive once more. See the characters moving and feel yourself in the space interacting. And it’s okay if it’s only a few fragments! With a little time and patience more may begin to form. If you find yourself stuck you may ask yourself questions like: What am I sensing? What am I feeling? What can I remember? Tune in to what’s there, not what’s missing.

4) Re-imagine.

This is the fun creative part! As you relive the dream, what parts would you change? Who would you talk to? What do you want to know? Actively re-imagine the dream in a way that feels true to you. It can help to set an intention before hand, but I suggest being open to the creative flow of the imagination. You might be surprised what comes up!

There is no wrong way to this practice. Everything you imagine, even if it feels made up, is coming from the infinite creative source of YOU! You will find what actions feel right and easy, and which ones have more resistance. If you find yourself pushing up on something that doesn’t feel right, feel free to try something else!

Dreaming isn’t just what we do when we sleep. Every choice we make is a re-dreaming of this greater reality! I hope you enjoy this technique just as much as I do. I learned it from my dream mentor Robert Moss.

In sweet summer honey,

Giuliana Davar

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