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Dreaming Magically with the Honey Hive

Tiffany Alzatti


My prefered pronouns are she/her. I am an eclectic, clairsentient witch with a bearded dragon familiar :) I didn’t always know, yet somehow knew at the same time — that when the time was right —I would remember I was a witch.

It was when I came to understand that not everyone's mother had dreams of the future. That not everyone's birthday wishes came true. That not everyone​ just knows things because ​their body tells them so. ​That was when I started to pay attention and develop my craft, create a coven and seek out a community... which is how I was referred to...

The Honey Hive Dream Collective

Giuliana Davar, the wonderful woman who guides the dream weave has a velvety, fierce energy and has no idea how bright her light shines. With her collective, she cultivates a shared dream space that only intuitive and powerful people seek out.

“A dream weave is the process of moving the dreaming into the waking. Each month we will seed and nurture a new dream into conscious creation. As a collective, we will take a frequency, a vibrational state, and grow a dream of it.”

The theme of ​creativity​ anchored the weave with the intention that everyone contributes to a greater dream that moves through all of us. My intention, through creativity was to transform my creative writing process in hopes to gain some inspiration.

It became very clear that the other weavers were not only artists, but stunning individualists. They contributed diverse perspectives and incredible honesty that inevitably led us to become spiritual mirrors of each other. We helped each other experience our own personal dreams in new and exciting ways.

Within the first week of dreaming, I had a precognitive dream about a lost car only to wake up to the reality of my housemate’s car actually getting stolen. I have had precognitive dreams before, but nothing of this caliber. Confused and intrigued, I immediately sought out answers and began an introspection that I believe only Giuliana could have led me to. She explained that I was picking up on energies that were already in motion.

During the second week, my dreams became more intense. They revolved around the feelings of anxiousness and abandonment where I cried out in agony and awoke with reminisce of emotional pain. I felt the beginning of a long rehashing of old wounds and braced myself for a fear I’ve been trying to face: being openly vulnerable.

Giuliana not only gave me insight, but comforted me -- validating my feelings in a way that only a friend of many years could. This is why the Honey Hive Dream Collective is magical - because Giuliana is magical. Ready with advice, meditation suggestions and a blog about dream reentry, Giuliana patched up my wounds and sent me back on my dream journey. Her encouragement only contributed to what I would inevitably experience (for the first time) -- a quantum dream.

Multiple forms of divination during the third week guided me to face all antagonists (in this world and the dream world) head on. Through moon ritual and mediation, I prepared for the dream reentry of my ​agony dream​ and was successfully able to confront my antagonist by referencing other agony dreams my waking self have had. I feel as though there was some sort of lucidity because I remember my arms having more tattoos as I waved them dramatically to prove my point. This was an alternate version of myself and my antagonist was my mother. By healing my dreamself, the healing of my waking self had begun and thus the journey of healing my maternal wound.

In addition to the Dream Weave, Giuliana offers affordable, private consultations. I myself received one recently and even though they are geared towards discussing dreams - I needed magical consultation. And she delivered. I recommend Giuliana’s Dream Weave and her consultations to anyone who seeks answers about themselves, to anyone who is ready for change, to anyone who finds themselves at the beginning of a journey.

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