• Giuliana Davar

Dreaming with the Deceased

A few years ago, I lost one of my closest friends in a freak and tragic accident. Up until then, I had never known what It was like to lose someone you loved. And with that loss came grief. I grieved for my friend, I grieved for her fiance, my friend Andrew, and I grieved for those she left behind. At the same time that I was experiencing insurmountable loss, I was also given the greatest gift anyone could give in their passing. I was shown that the boundaries between life and death, this world and the next, were not as sharply defined as I had thought. That there was still a way to communicate, and I was eager to explore that.

You see, two weeks after Cat's passing she gifted her friends a dream to assist us in our grieving process. Quite spectacularly, she appeared to 4 of us on the same night. We each had a version of the same dream. We hugged her as she consoled us. It was a beautiful dream. I could feel her touch, see her face, hear her voice. I could feel her energy without being someone who "feels energy."If you know what I mean. I knew it was really her. It was the first time that I can tell you I wholeheartedly believed in the other side. You see I had recently just had my first spiritual awakening. But this was something different. This was personal. And I wasn’t the only one experiencing it either. Cat had given more than just a dream, she gave me the gift of faith, of trust. This experience was a catalyst for me to root myself firmly on my path. Dreams became so much more than I had ever expected.

Recently she’s returned and once again we had a beautiful shared experience. Her message was clear, that she will be guiding and assisting those she loves who may feel lost or brokenhearted during this incredible collective transition. I reached out my friend Andrew and wouldn’t you know, he dreamt of her on the same night as l.

As we continue to stay in our homes, now is a great time to expand our dreaming practices and connect with the loving beings who are guiding us. There are a few things I’ve come to know in my dreaming with Cat and I share them here with you.

Your loved ones, your ancestors and those who have crossed over want to connect with you.

They are there for you if you want to connect. That being said, sometimes it’s hard. When our ego-mind says it’s not possible, we often shut out or miss any opportunities to connect during our waking reality. In this case, dreaming provides us a wonderful opportunity where we can bypass the ego-mind and open ourselves up to receive a visitation.

Be wary of any projections.

In creating a need or being too attached to the outcome, one might create a mental projection. Try practicing non-attachment. That being said, I also like to set the stage to receive a dream by ensuring proper sleep hygiene. All that looks like is that I’m in a sober, peaceful place before bed. I then set the intention to dream with my loved one, and make sure that my morning is cleared enough so that I have space to recall any dreams (ex: waking up to no alarm.) If you feel called, you may choose to leave out a small offering. Cat loved vodka, and sometimes I’ll leave a shot out for her on my altar. Above all, I hold the intention in my heart that I am open to this experience while letting the rest work itself out.

Listen to the messages they have to share.

Often times your loved ones will visit with a small agenda; that is to lead you back to love! Or perhaps shed light on a current situation or life circumstance. But use your discretion. If who you’re reaching out to was a dick in their waking life, they’re probably still a dick in the afterlife.

It’s been a few years now since Cat’s passing, and I never take the dreams I have with her for granted. They are a remembering of this deeper connection that we all share. That the lines between waking and death are only limited by our perception. If you’ve had any dreams connecting with loved ones, please feel free to share! Let me know how it goes. As always I’m here for your journey.


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