• Giuliana Davar

Dreaming with the Trickster

A Native woman bundled in warm furs stands in the snow with her two children. A newborn is wrapped in her arms as she talks with a man. “Chief above everything else,” she says confidently and proudly. The man, who now identifies himself as Chief, responds, “Even if Chief says go 10 days without feeding your baby?” Horrified, the woman’s eyes dart to the newborn held at her breast. She deeply considers the weight of Chief’s words as Chief looks into her eyes, smiling warmly.

Hello, dream bees! Today I wanted to share with you Heyoka Medicine through the lens of dreamwork. Heyoka is the sacred clown of the Lakota and the Great Plains people of North America. It is a Sacred Trickster who teaches through opposites, laughter, and backwards wisdom. Through the medium of laughter, they are here to cause disruption to the seriousness we carry. Heyoka holds space for healing through chaos and disruption but it is not without purpose. They come when we are unable to see alternatives, and to break the bonds and beliefs we have made with Self that are no longer helpful. Through their backwards wisdom, they trick us into revelation rather than giving us all the answers.

Heyoka medicine can be seen in the dream that I shared above. The woman depicted fiercely respects Chief. She takes his words and wisdom as Truth. In declaring, “Chief above everything else,” she has ultimately given her power away to something or someone outside of herself. Chief, in knowing this, shares his Heyoka wisdom. Instead of telling the woman, “You have given your power away,” Chief leads her to make that revelation for herself.

Chief, who is the leader of his people, connected to the spirits, and holds much wisdom, recognizes the necessity of personal sovereignty. It is in the backward wisdom of him telling her not to feed the baby, that the woman must go inward to seek the strength of her inner knowing instead of being handed a new truth by Chief.

The message of the Heyoka has been strong with me during these times. I am currently guiding others in a 4 week Dream Weave container where we collectively dream the frequency of Love into being. Well, my dreams have been anything but loving!! 😬 I couldn’t help but feel the slight sting, a bruising of my ego. How can I LOOK like a good leader if I hold all the shadow dreams?

Here I found the total wisdom of the Heyoka: For me to fall on my butt in laughter, realizing that my ego was showing up too strong and serious. It is just the medicine for me to see all the places where love is obstructed, so that it may more freely flow. It is for me to bring laughter and joy into those places. As I guide others to finding their call to action within dreams, my own is showing up in a backwards, opposite, satirical way.

Our dreams are often confusing places, where we act in strange manners, with reflections of shadowy parts of self and others. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to look to your dreams with new eyes for they might reveal Heyoka medicine. Where are you being too rigged or serious in your form? Where can you benefit from bringing joy and laughter in? Where can you come to personal revelation and inner authority? Sometimes the medicine is not in just doing the opposite, but in finding where you are free to break down the rigid walls of being.

Giuliana Davar

The Honey Hive

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