• Giuliana Davar

Dreams As Healing Images That We Can Return To

I find a baby, she’s been frozen in time. I tenderly pick her up. Immediately I recognize her as myself. A rush of pure love floods my body. I vow to love her and take care of her as this new unconditional love settles within.

Can you imagine that for a moment? To hold your self as a baby, new life, precious, chubby, and smiling into your eyes. How does it feel to hold yourself in your arms? How could you not love such a thing?

This dream hit me with a ton of emotions. Excitement. Joy. Love. Responsibility. Holding myself as a baby was the kind of healing that made me realize just how much I needed myself. You see, the dream offered me the opportunity to understand unconditional love. To be both the mother and the child.

Whether it’s a dream of a vacation as reprieve from a long work week, meeting with a deceased loved one, feeling laughter and joy amidst world chaos, or the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet, our dreams are a rich source of healing imagery. They become imbued with our own personal magic. These images of course can be produced by the waking creative imagination (think day dreaming or meditation). And yet, when they come to us from a dream it seems to be a divine gift. The exact medicine needed for the moment.

In the days that followed, I returned to this dream often. It became an ever giving well of healing for me. When I felt anxious, tired, or frustrated, I would recall this dream as I held myself. The dream imagery served as a gateway for slowing down, bringing love, being tender, and being fully present with myself. Even now recalling this dream I feel the shift within my body, a warm smile upon my lips.

I encourage you to look back on any healing dreams you’ve had. There is no time limit to how far back you can reach. What did your healing dream offer you? Can you tap back into that feeling of the dream? How is that shifting your current experience?

Remember, any dream you’ve had can be used again in the future! I’m imagining here having a personal arsenal of dream imagery as a tool to transmute energy and uplift mood! 😄

I would love to hear any healing dreams you’ve had! Share your experience below. Feel free to set your intention tonight to have a dream of healing and write back on this post!

With love and honey,

Giuliana Davar

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