• Giuliana Davar

Dreams of Closure

TBH often times we don’t receive the closure we think we need in physical space. Whether that’s because we’re wrapped up in ego, the distance between has been too much, or we are unwilling to open old wounds, whatever the case, there will be times when it just doesn’t happen. And that’s okay! Not every timeline needs to be explored in this physical reality as there are infinite versions of self who are out there working it out! That’s where the dream comes in, to show us where our spirit bodies have been negotiating our healing.

When you’re doing your inner work to forgive that ex, heal your mom problem, or accept responsibility for your actions, a surge of energy is released, and trust me, that can be felt!! And because of *unity consciousness* and the fact that we’re incredibly intuitive beings, others can pick up on that. Hence the dream!

*The dream, comprised of images, narrative, and emotions, is formed around an experience of energy.*

If you’ve experienced this, you know what it feels like. It can be an act of forgiveness between old friends, or a difficult goodbye of a loved one, even a friendly conversation with an old middle school enemy. There’s something about it that feels so real. In fact, you almost always wake up feeling the impact of that dream. Whether it’s lightness of being and a sigh of relief, or conflicted emotions as your relationship changes, or perhaps even sadness and nostalgia. Whatever it is, you notice that something has shifted.

If you haven’t had this experience, why not call it in? Throughout the day & especially before going to bed, set the intention to dream of...

  • Asking to forgive that person or experience

  • Receiving closure with an old partner

  • Allowing yourself to let go

  • Death to the parts of self that no longer serve (intense, I know)

  • Peace around a certain situation

  • Healing for you and the other

This is conscious dreaming. May you awaken to the power of dreams.

Giuliana Davar

The Honey Hive

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