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Getting Called The F Out

Dreams which serve as mirrors and guides do not hesitate to call you out! 

I am riding on an elephant loaded with an assortment of old trunks and luggage. The heavy baggage begins to slip falling into the river below. I hop down into the swampy waters to reorganize. Quick like lightening a massive snake strikes sinking its teeth into my scalp. Burning hot pain throbs at the back of my head and just as quick another snake strikes. The pain is too much to bear and I try to pull myself out of the dream. The voice of a woman, calm and clear states, “then you do not truly understand the medicine of the snake” as a third and final snake lays its teeth into my scalp.

Leave it to your dreams to call you the f out. Whether it’s bad behavior, a poor choice, inflated ego, or dating the wrong person (yes, this has happened) you can always trust your dreams to tell it to ya straight. Even if it shows up in the most convoluted way. 

My best advice to responding to a call-out is to take it with as much grace as possible. Listen, ya f’d up, it’s okay. Yes, your ego can be bruised. But with dreams as guides and mirrors, they are navigating you back to your truth. They aren’t afraid to share your shadows or shine light on your mistakes! They serve as great feedback. Plainly put: they’re here to help you step into the best version of yourself.

Take the dream I shared above. I have spent the summer in nature, delving into a reclamation of sexuality, healing my womb, and deepening an earth-based practice that led me to snake medicine. You know what the dream was telling me? ‘You flaunt snake medicine like you understand but you forget that it still holds poison! Silly girl, to misuse such power!’ So guess what, I GOT BIT BACK! It was a harsh and painful dream lesson, but it was enough to make me snap out of it and take accountability for my actions. I’ve been called out in many ways from dreams and honestly, when I put the walls of ego down, not only is it hilarious, it leads to actionable change.

Here are a few ways in which I've been called out in dreams:

  • When I got a DUI in a dream. Honestly, it was so shocking and terrifying. At the time I was drinking and partying a lot. I believe this dream was a warning and I immediately stopped my careless drinking and driving. It scared the sh*t out of me!

  • Another time I was arrested for having party drugs. When I claimed, “this must be a dream!” The officer looked me square in the eyes and said “yes it is.” This prompted a call for sobriety that shortly followed.

  • When I was dating a French DJ and a dream character yelled in my face “HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU!” Which to be honest I already knew!! But being called out in the dream I had to end things. 

  • When I’m talking too much chisme (gossip) and my tongue swells outside of my mouth. This is a recurring dream. I usually know it's means you're talking about things you shouldn't be sharing.

  • When my finances are a mess and I keep failing elementary math class over and over and over. It’s exhausting, embarrassing, and time to budget!

I want to hear from you! Have your dreams been calling you out? How have you handled them?

With laughter in my belly,

Giuliana Davar

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