• Giuliana Davar


Last night I dreamt...

I’m back in school. Everything is going well and people are dressed in day clothes. The next day I return everyone is in a uniform. I enter into the classroom which is more like a lecture hall with stadium seats. Except the rows of benches are facing away from the blackboard, creating a V shape. I go to sit down in the second row but my boyfriend is on the third. I laugh and tease him for being up there but he’s pouting that I never come to him. I make my way to the next row but it’s so unstable that I’m wobbling. Internally I hate the instability, but I’m laughing and shaking the benches for all to feel. I realize then that I’m not in uniform and I grow more uncomfortable. The teacher enters the room and immediately he’s a total prick, that asshole principal from the show Sex Ed. From the position of the benches I have to strain to see, furthering my discomfort. He says some asshole remark and we get into it. I come down from the benches and my voice and anger both grow. I tell him the institution is fucked and he’s not helping us. Trying to teach us about a fish he knows nothing about! I know that fish! I’ve been with that fish! I’ve cooked that fish! He comes right at me and we get into a physical altercation. We grow so violent that I’m now biting him as hard as I can and he’s biting me back! He finally storms out but I know he’ll be back soon. I immediately compose myself and stand in front of the class. With confidence and authority I apologize to them. “I’m sorry that was inappropriate how I behaved. But there’s so much more that you’re not being taught here.” A guy raises his hand, affirming “I want to heal my body” insinuating that he also wants to be taught how. I grow excited “Yes! Yes and you CAN! Did you know you can heal your own body?” I go on a mini-rant to share the wonders of consciously healing physical ailments. I go to give my boyfriend a kiss goodbye. I know it’s time for me to now leave. I smile and laugh with him once more. I offer for him to join me but I already know the answer, it’s not for him and this is my journey anyway. I run out the back which opens to the top of a gorgeous hill. I decide to fly, but it’s mostly the wind that is catching me like a kite. Down below is a small ravine, lush with trees and a small creek. To my left I see a fence diving me from a nearby road. A bird is flying on it. Straight ahead I see a pack of white wolves crossing a small road bridge above the creek. They look me straight in the eyes. I want to be with them. Then they stand up on their hind legs and start walking like man across the bridge.

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