• Giuliana Davar

Your Dreams Want to be Remembered

Your dreams want to be remembered. Isn’t that a lovely thought? To know and feel that your dreams want to be remembered, that they want to work with you. And whether or not you currently feel that, I can tell you it most certainly is the case. For contained within are messages for healing and wholeness; clues and directions for better navigating this waking reality. Below, I’ve listed a few tips to help you on your journey in remembering.

1. Be open to receive.

Dream recall is a balance between intentional doing and open-hearted receiving. Many of us have created narratives and beliefs around dreaming which block our ability to properly receive them. Oftentimes being dismissed as a child with the well-meaning phrase, “It’s just a dream.” Or perhaps we’ve chosen to abandon dreams altogether after a series of nightmares. Others yet may subconsciously pick and choose which dreams they give

attention to, “I only want to remember the good ones.” Be open, from the beginning, to receive any and all dreams.

2. Create an affirmation/intention for dreaming.

Creating a clear intention for dreaming will help to direct the energy of the dream and tie it to waking consciousness. You may wish to write your intention down on a piece of paper and slip it under your pillow.

ex: Tonight I will remember my dreams!

Tonight I will meet with my loving guides!

Tonight I dream of healing for all living beings.

It helps to really believe and feel your intention. Work with words and phrasing that resonate with you. Reaffirm your intention as you fall asleep or if you wake in the night.

3. Have a dream journal ready.

As soon as you wake, write your dreams down immediately. Even if it’s the middle of the night. Dreams tend to escape us rather quickly so you’ll want to minimize your movements. I prefer to use the notes app on my phone. I’ve created a folder specifically for dreaming. I enjoy the ease of looking up dream symbols, and being able to quickly recognize trends within my dreaming. However, if the light is too bothersome, try a dream journal (or even sticky notes.) Leave the page open and have a pen ready.

Tip: Don’t forget to write the date, and any intention you may have. This will later help with dreamwork.

4. Start with a few trigger words.

A few words are all you need to begin. Write down any inklings, people, places, colors, etc. Anything that your mind has grasped. Even if it feels like nothing at all, write down your feelings! If you’ve remembered more than a few words, write as much that is comfortable to you. The key is to keep it fun and avoid burnout.

Above all, move with the intention of creating a relationship with your dreams. Relationships take time to unfold, require investment, and patience. You may find the same to be true with your dreams. Like anything, they are a practice. Trust your process, have fun, and know that they will come.

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