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Sam Aotaki

Dream Intention: Unconditional Love vs. Romantic Love - Are they the same? Differences?

There was a couple, it seemed to be like a case study, a very nondescript man and woman. Their ages would change, their faces would change, as would their race and social class, and sometimes they morphed into two women or two men, representing Unconditional/Romantic Love through multiple lifetimes and/or the lesson given on Unconditional/Romantic Love applying through all people and partnerships.

Earlier in the dream, the couple had two children, they came to me in a therapy session and told me that one was named Yeshua and the other Sa'ra, which struck me since that is the name of Jesus and his Daughter. In the dream I remember telling them this and telling them they must have a very unconditionally loving relationship. They tell me the only reason why they are in therapy is because they feel strange that they don't have problems and wanted to ask if that was bad. Then after that it was just a stream of information.

The dream started showing me that all True Romantic Love buds from Unconditional Romantic Love as the base level. A couple must be best friends at the end of the day rather than lovers. Relationships based in Conditional Love is a perverse version of True Romantic Love.

There seemed to be a fine line between hard and soft boundaries and that's a key when it comes to Sacred Love, which is what they refer to as Unconditional Romantic Love. The hard boundaries we create around Romantic Love (like not tolerating cheating, dishonesty, or physical abuse) are in essence completely unfathomable when the relationship is based in Unconditional Love, which is why in Unconditional Relationships the hard boundaries are almost assumed; i.e., they can be talked about, but there is no worry there. Soft boundaries are healthier for Unconditional Relationships because it adds an air of curiosity about the boundary itself, rather than hard rules that cannot be discussed.

The imagery [my guides] showed me for this was a still pond, so still that it looks like a mirror, then a Red Rose unfolds out of the water, like a Lotus Flower, and the petals grow endlessly bigger and bigger. The imagery shown for Romantic Love based in Conditional Love was the same Red Rose; however, this one was plucked from the water. The ripples showed the reflection of the person who uprooted the now dying flower, and also showed the culprit getting down on one knee to offer it to a woman. The Woman who actually was happily with someone else kindly rejects the offer, and the man who originally plucked the flower gets so angry he stomps on the flower, killing it entirely.

The main lesson I got from this dream was that Unconditional Love is rooted in Compassion. Compassion of the self and compassion of another. You must first be as loving to your partner as you are loving to your best friend. If you best friend messes up in life, you comfort them and remind them that everyone makes mistakes and this must be done with a partner as well, yet folks usually see their romantic partner as a strange outer entity they can't speak to, but also has to live up to their expectations. Being able to speak your mind to your partner is more important than anything. You should not fear anything from their response since if someone also unconditionally loves you, they will not judge you for any fears you may have, they will look at them through eyes of curiosity.

Unconditional Romantic Love, or Sacred Love, is rooted in Surrender, in particular of the Physical Body. This is when Sacred Relationships can practice Sacred Sexual Practices that transcend the Physical Body since the Psychical Body is already surrendered to another soul in complete trust and unity and the other Soul is doing the same, so, in essence, both parties have surrendered the physical aspects of their bodies to fully release and embrace each others spiritual bodies creating the charge for the Ka that prepares the soul and body for resurrection.

Sam Aotaki

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